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Finding fossils in New South Wales

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Name Type Age Location Thumbnail
Agathis Plant Jurassic Central West Agathis
Algae Plant Devonian Central West Algae
Pelecypod Mollusc Permian Hunter Valley Pelecypod
Brachiopod 1 Brachiopod Permian South Coast Brachiopod 1
Conodonts Microfossil Silurian Central West Conodonts
Coral Coral Silurian Central West Coral
Crinoid Echinoderm Devonian Central West Crinoid
Gastropods and Molluscs Gastropod, Mollusc Ordovician Central West Gastropods and Molluscs
Dinosaurs Land vertebrate Cretaceous Outside NSW Dinosaurs
Diprotodon Land vertebrate Quaternary Central West Diprotodon
Fern Plant Triassic Sydney Fern
Fish Aquatic vertebrate Jurassic Central West Fish
Glossopterid Plant Permian Central West, Hunter Valley, South Coast Glossopterid
Graptolites Graptolite Silurian Central West Graptolites
Archeocyathid Archaeocyathid Cambrian Far West Archeocyathid
Trilobite 1 Trace fossil Cambrian Far West Trilobite 1
Unidentified tracks Trace fossil Devonian Far West Unidentified tracks
Trilobite 2 Trilobite Cambrian Central West Trilobite 2
Vertebraria Plant Permian Sydney Vertebraria
Tree cross-section Plant Triassic Sydney Tree cross-section
Trilobite pygidium Trilobite Cambrian Far West Trilobite pygidium
Botrychiopsis Plant Carboniferous Hunter Valley <em>Botrychiopsis</em>
Lungfish toothplate Aquatic vertebrate Cretaceous Far West Lungfish toothplate
Plesiosaur tooth Aquatic vertebrate Cretaceous Far West Plesiosaur tooth
Dinosaur vertebrae Land vertebrate Cretaceous Far West Dinosaur vertebrae
Bothriolepis Aquatic vertebrate Devonian Central West <em>Bothriolepis</em>
Cyrtospirifer Brachiopod Devonian Central West <em>Cyrtospirifer</em>
Favosites Coral Devonian Central West <em>Favosites</em>
Club moss Plant Devonian South Coast Club moss
Iowaphullum schluteri Coral Devonian Hunter Valley <em>Iowaphullum schluteri</em>
Orthograptus & leptograptus Graptolite Ordovician Central West <em>Orthograptus & leptograptus</em>
Phyllograptus Graptolite Ordovician South Coast <em>Phyllograptus</em>
Spiriferid brachiopod Brachiopod Permian South Coast Spiriferid brachiopod
Crinoid stem Echinoderm Permian South Coast Crinoid stem
Deltopecten Mollusc Permian Hunter Valley <em>Deltopecten</em>
Euryphyllum Coral Permian South Coast <em>Euryphyllum</em>
Ingelarella Brachiopod Permian Hunter Valley <em>Ingelarella</em>
Keeneia Mollusc Permian Hunter Valley <em>Keeneia</em>
Megadesmus Mollusc Permian Hunter Valley <em>Megadesmus</em>
Stenopora Aquatic invertebrate Permian South Coast <em>Stenopora</em>
Petrified wood Plant Permian Hunter Valley Petrified wood
Thylacoleo: Carnivore or Herbivore? Land vertebrate Quaternary Central West <em>Thylacoleo</em>: Carnivore or Herbivore?
Procoptodon Land vertebrate Quaternary New England <em>Procoptodon</em>
Thylacoleo dentition Land vertebrate Quaternary Central West <em>Thylacoleo</em> dentition
Thylacoleo – Quite a story! Land vertebrate Quaternary Central West <em>Thylacoleo</em> – Quite a story!
Gravicalymene Trilobite Silurian Central West <em>Gravicalymene</em>
Parts and counterparts Trilobite Silurian Central West Parts and counterparts
Aralia Plant Tertiary New England <em>Aralia </em>
Leaf Plant Tertiary Central West Leaf
Clatrotitan Land invertebrate Triassic Sydney <em>Clatrotitan</em>
Cleithrolepis Aquatic vertebrate Triassic Sydney <em>Cleithrolepis</em>
Dicrodium Plant Triassic Sydney <em>Dicrodium</em>
Interpreting footprints Trace fossil Triassic Sydney Interpreting footprints
Lepidopteris Plant Triassic Central West <em>Lepidopteris</em>
Diprotodon Land vertebrate Quaternary Central West <em>Diprotodon</em>

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